LC-E19 Charger for Canon 1DX Mark 2

Notes from the field for Explorer.

The brand new 1 DX mark 2 is a real upgrade if you look on all the tests and numbers.

Even the DXO test points out „excellent“ camera with 88 points for the Sensor.

Canon LC-100-3








Svalbard Dogsledge Expedition with Iland Solarpower

But… there is always room for improvement !

Canon LC-104

Taking a new camera on a remote shooting is always a risk.

The early bird bonus can bring a lot of trouble and I always back up with my „old“ stuff.

The first schock by checking the camera for the next Expedition

was the new charger LC-E19 and the new LP-19 battery.

An upgrade in capacity from 2450 mAh (LP-E4N)

to 2700 mAh (LP-E19) sounds nice even when the camera is consuming more Power.



Canon LC-101

LC-E19 the new charger no support for 12/24 V !

But the new charger did not offer a 12-24V support like the predecessor LC-E4N.
LC-E19 is not made for Explorers but it costs 50 $ more. Why this Canon ? Its a step down.
So I have to use the „old LC-E4N“ but this one did not charge the new LP-E19 battery !
The result is I have to use the old batteries with an old charger in a new Camera !

Canon LC-100   Canon LC-102

The old LC-E4N did not take new LP-E19 batteries ! But you can use 12-24 V and 110-230V thats fine.

OK you can work around and use Solarpower and have to convert it up to 110/230 V but thats less efficient more weight etc. What do we expect from Canon ?

And how many people do use this Camera far away from the next power plug ?

Having an indicator (full / empty) with these new batteries will also be a good Idea. And charging 2 batteries @ the same time (simultanos) is nice to have…

And charging the battery while in the camera is still a wish!

A failure with the new charger is also to show  always for the non active channel that the battery is 100% (full).

When it starts charging it show the correct result.

So check twice in your camera if the battery has full power.


I am waiting for 3rd party products and still have the wish that Canon is not forgetting their Explorers.

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